Mihriban Aviral

 -An International Flute Soloist,

- A Latin & Ethnic Jazz Flute Virtuoso,

- An artist who has adopted the principle of contributing to world peace by building intercultural links between worldwide communities, with the universal language of music.

She developed her career as Latin Jazz flutist and proudly earned the title of “Turkey’s first and only Latin & Ethnic Jazz flute virtuoso.” She is currently perfecting her career in that field. Having graduated from the State Conservatory of Ankara and studied flute and composition, Mihriban Aviral later on continued her academic career in the fields of master class, perfection and concert soloist in the several countries. Her academic career blossomed as a flute player during her 25 years with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra in Turkey. 10 years ago, she took a keen interest in Latin Jazz and began to work in that area. She reinforced her musical study with Latin Jazz which provided her with considerable amount of experience and brought forth a divinely musical understanding. Through her virtuosity, her voice and exquisite musical talent, she enjoyed being the first Latin and Ethnic Jazz performer in Turkey.

There are only a few artists performing this kind of music in the world and Mihriban Aviral is the “first and only person” who plays solo flute in Latin and Ethnic Jazz, which is unique in her homeland.

Her Latin Jazz concerts both at home and abroad captured considerable attention. She gave successful concerts in the United States, Europe and Asia, touring 23 countries through an outstanding organization and receiving positive criticism. A large audience, about 20,000 people, attended the concert she gave in Los Angeles Convention Center, giving her a passionate standing ovation for minutes.


The artist generates great interest with her Latin Jazz concerts both domestically and abroad. Apart from numerous voluntary concerts she have performed for various non- governmental organisations to this day, Mihriban Aviral has given many classical and especially Latin Jazz music concerts. 

 Some examples which have held an important place in the press and the media are: 


- Ankara Poland Embassy Classical Music Recital

- Los Angeles Convention Center Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara Italy Embassy Classical Music Recital

- Antalya X. H. Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara Austria Embassy Classical Music Recital

- Istanbul E.M.H.  Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara Jazz Festival Opening Concert Poland Embassy Latin Jazz Concert 

- Antalya Chamber of Commerce Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara America Embassy Classical Music Recital

- Atina Grand Athens H.  Latin Jazz Concert

- Istanbul C.I.H.  Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara Turkish-Chinese Culture Association Film Music Concert 

- Sofia State Guesthouse Latin Jazz Concert

- Izmir Woman Artists Festival Latin Jazz Concert

- Alanya Jazz Festival Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara H.U. M Hall Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara Cuneyt Gokcer Stage Film Music Concert

- Antalya Lara M.H.  Latin Jazz Concert

- Istanbul Lutfu Kirdar Hall Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara Cer Modern Concert Hall Latin Jazz Concert

- Ankara Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall Latin Jazz Concert

- Antalya M.B. Cultural Center Concert Hall Latin Jazz Concert - Ankara TOB Convention Center Concert Hall Latin Jazz Concert

- Selanik Ataturk’s House Ataturk’s Favorite Songs Concert

- Antalya C.H. Latin Jazz Concert 

- Ankara Etnografya Museum 10 October Ataturk’s Favorite Songs Concert

- Ankara Contemporary Art Center L. Jazz Concert

One of Mihriban Aviral’s goals is to establish ties between the universal language of music and the cultures of world societies. On the one hand, she aims to popularize Jazz and Latin Jazz music among Turkish people and on the other, she performs music by arranging ethnic folk songs that symbolize Turkish culture with Jazz and Latin Jazz-like patterns. “canJAZZım türküler” album is prepared on these cornerstones. Mihriban Aviral sees the blending of Turkish culture with universal music as the most beautiful way of attaining mass interest in the genre. For this purpose she had arranged the Turkish Folk Songs and recently produced a new CD “canJAZZım türküler” by her company MBN production.

Mihriban Aviral made various radio and television shows, as well as live performances at radio stations. Currently, gives Classical, Latin and Ethnic Jazz concerts.